Interaction Designer currently living in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

I have a passion for designing user experiences and digital and physical interactions.

I studied Industrial Design at Universidad de los Andes and later did a postgraduate Specialization in Media Creation. I have graduated from a Master in Science in Design for Interaction from TU Delft, and currently work as Interaction Design Researcher at MediaLAB Amsterdam.

I am interested in gaining rich insights through user research and to translate those insights into user experiences by designing the necessary interactions and any supporting element needed.


Here are some of the interaction projects I have worked on.

Here, you can see a sample of some of the projects involving interaction design I have worked on. These projects required user research, concept development, prototying and user tests. Unfortunately, I cannot show the entire process, since some of them have confidentiality clauses that prevent them from being published on the internet. If you would like to see more, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Ambitheater - Graduation Project
Philips Research/TU Delft- 2013

As my MSc graduation project I looked at ways that Philips current Ambilight technology could be extended to enhance the video gaming experience. This required analyzing users' behaviours, generating personas and idea generation. A final working prototype which captured game content through a combination of Processing and Unity3D and sent it to an Arduino that controlled RGB LEDs. The working prototype was developed and tested at Philips' Experience Lab in Eindhoven.

My Little Chef
Microwave cooking app
Whirlpool/TU Delft - 2013

Designed and conducted a user research study with high end Whirlpool microwave to analyze its usability. Our team discovered that microwaves are seen as "food warmers" and not as cooking instruments, we also found that most microwaves use a UI that isn't friendly, and uses a different language than that users are used to. We decided to redesign the Microwave interface so it used food type and amount instead of power. We added a touch screen to the front door to give better feedback on the cooking process. The microwave also has an app that allows users to select healthy balanced meals, the app gives them a list of ingredients and through wireless communication, sends the information and instructions to the Microwave, which guides the user through the cooking process.

Worked with Bingxin Ni, Julia Alberga, Jorren Eggenkamp, Meng Fei Hu and Sam van Delden

Gestural Wayfinding
Microsoft Research/TU Delft - 2013
Microsoft Design Expo 2013

Developed a working prototype that allowed tourists to find and grab important wayfinding information in their devices in order to allow them to adapt easier in their new environment. I was in charge of programming that would allow a computer to link to a Kinect sensor and ironed out some programming and usability issues that came up.

Worked with Laura Salisbury, Luke Chen, Stina Vanhoof and Tori Mæhlum

Focus - Wearable Tech
Microsoft Research/TU Delft - 2012

Analyzed the potential trends for the working environment of the year 2020 and sgathered insights of what workers might need. I realized that due to mobile technology and internationalization of the workplace, it would be much more difficult to achieve a proper work-life balance. This resulted in Focus, a wearable technology concept that connects to all your other devices keeping track of how much time is being spent on different activities. This helps give users an overview of how they are spending their time.

Open Up
Proposal for the Madrid Media Lab

Worked as part of a multidisciplinary team on a proposal to be developed at the Madrid Media Lab, Prado. The project consisted of developing an application for the LED screennlocated at “Plaza de las Letras”. Our proposal wanted to incorporate the comunity surrounding the screen; by workshops to generate collective knowledge regarding their perception of the screen and space. The results would be displayed on the screen during the course of a week.

Worked with Antonio Yemail and Felipe Beltrán

The following projects focused on user research.

They consisted of designing studies aimed to gain insights on users' needs, wishes and desires. They involved designing the study and related materials, recruiting participants, gathering and analyzing information and presenting the results to the different stakeholders involved.

Contextmapping Research
Wacom/Muzus/TU Delft - 2013

I was part of a team that analyzed the needs of non-professional creatives (hobbyists), to identify types of users and give possible design and development directions to different stakeholders within Wacom.

Worked with Maria Arvidsson, Luke Chen and Gaby Soto

Interactive Prototyping Session
Exact/TU Delft - 2013

Designed, organized and conducted a creative session with different stakeholders within Exact. By using interactive protyping methods with the participants we aimed to understand how they viewed their current working environment and also what their ideal working environment in the future would be like.

Worked with Hans Kappers and Huan Yang

I have also worked on webpage design both for public websites and for intranet communication

These projects had a very wide range in both size and complexity, from very simple profile pages for small companies/individuals, to more complex pages that dealt with twitter feeds, content management and several levels of navigation. Most projects already had a visual image defined and it was expected of me to design within those constraints

Worked in close collaboration with Camilo Garzón to make a website for Hotel Muisca. The website was developed in 3 phases. Phase 1 was focused on giving information to potential investors about the project and updates on how construction was coming along, this required user authentication. Phase 2 focused on being a transitional webpage that would implement a system that would allow users to book and pay for rooms and let people discover the hotel. Phase 3 was the final version of the website.